Electronics Shipping from UK to India

Cargo companies ensure a safe journey for your expensive article

There is always an attraction for foreign products as they are seen as more reliable or advanced in technology. Same is in India and the market is ever increasing with the rise in customers for UK products. The things that have easy access for exchange across the borders the journey is simple and safe.

However, for those that are restricted there is extra paperwork needed and the prohibited things cannot by any means enter the territory. UK products are very popular in India and everyone is after them so the market is fruitful for this country’s business in this land.

Electronics are sensitive things to travel but with careful shipping by sea or air, they can easily reach the destination. If you are worried about the cost factor, then there are companies who give special attention to this factor and they can give you some very good rates that can suit your pocket.

You have a laptop, LED, computer or mobile etc. to send, trust the reliable source and there will be a hassle-free transfer.

What happens to the cargo?

The procedure is simple when you book it through a cargo company, but just to know what is the procedure there are some very simple details. The nature of goods is important and they have to fall under the allowed list of the importing country, in this case, it is India.

Then there is necessary paperwork for the customs clearance and it gets attached to the parcel from the sending destination. The payment is according to the reason you are sending the Electronics to India from UK. If it is a domestic or private parcel it will be charged differently, and if it is for a business then the case gets changed.

For electronics like used computers or CRT TVs, there is, a NOC required which is to be produced by the receiver. After all this work, your parcel is ready to be sent and received without objection.

If you are sending a part of any electronic equipment and it is temperature sensitive then the company can arrange for it also.

Electronics for business purpose

Obviously, the foreign companies operating in India need to transfer goods in bulk and for that, they look for special rates. Cargo companies certainly give then this relief which is, in turn, beneficial for them also.

The container rates are different from the individual parcel and the bulk gets discounts. Service providers make sure that the products are safely handed over to the consignee and there is no hurdle in any procedure which is required. The staff is specially trained to pack and place your electronics so that no damage occurs during its journey.

Remote area access

Many courier companies have access to most of the remote areas in India and they apply extra charges to cover the distance. As there is extra fuel they are using and transport charges are applied.

However, for those that do not have the access you have to go and pick it from the port they have been sent. There are warehouse charges that apply for the days the thing has spent in it after three days of reaching it or it may differ from country to country.

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