India an Important Trade destination for the UK

The importance cannot be denied in the present condition

For the UK every relation matters as there is confusion going on in the country. From the trade point of view, the UK knows that it plays a major role in the stability of its economy. India has its importance as there are many sectors in the UK where Indian skilled labour is working and contributing a major share of things.

After the country goes through the exit procedure there will be support needed for the economy. Prime Minister Theresa May is trying hard to get the parliament to agree on what she calls a temporary deal which can support the country for some time until it gets its own setup. Trade relations with other countries have to be strong with agreements so that nothing goes wrong afterward.

India has a long history of relationships with the UK in terms of trade and sending cargo to India from UK and vice versa which is still on the rise. Also, India’s position in the international trade has become stronger at 5th place and the UK securing the fourth place for now. Predictions are that India can cross the UK in coming times.

The irony in Indian demands

For a trade agreement, India has asked for a simpler and easy processing visa policy for Indian students. Already there is a large number of Indians immigrated to the UK and illegal ones are also included in the list. So what else is needed?

There has been a little restriction imposed on the Indian immigrants and this is what disturbs them. So the irony is certainly present in what is being demanded. Everything will clarify after March 2019 if the process will happen.

What if Brexit reverses?

Theresa May still has to get the vote of confidence from her parliament on the whole Brexit process. The strict Brexit supporters are not in favour of what PM has decided with EU. They want a customs union so that independence in every trade section can be achieved. Country’s own rules and regulations regarding borders are being questioned also. So the parliament, for now, is not in favour of this affair.

Either some opposition party wants to have a termination of government so that they can get the credit of doing it in a better way. Another possibility is that the whole process does not happen at all and the old system is back. But is the second happens there will be a very adverse effect to the country’s trade as credibility becomes questioned?

The optimistic approach regarding this whole matter

The one very major advantage of Brexit is to both the parties. They get to have trade deals without any restriction or limitation from the EU side. If a deal happens then UK may have the opportunity to do trade with EU countries also. This is also in favour of those countries also.

Anything will happen directly and it is being said that trade numbers will increase further. So if everything happens in a positive way and in the best way for the country then trade exchange will become an ever-growing sector.

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