Indian Ports and their capacity for Containerized Shipping

To become capable of handling the growth rate is the present space enough

The trend of containerized shipping has not gone out of fashion at any time since the import-export has started in this way. Still, this is trusted by many and also has a reputation for being cheap and safe.

To handle such cargo is not an easy thing. A lot of dry space to accommodate those large boxes is needed and to have them loaded and unloaded from the ship is another. India has seen a significant growth in handling such shipments and till 2017 this was done with success.

But now when it is going to be 2019 are the things needed to be changed and upgrade is needed? Not only to facilitate the shipments for the import and export of the country but also for the trans-shipments internationally.

But the Indian ports feel positive that they can still handle more volumes in the coming year.

Ports and their development

When talking about port capacity, future load carrying capability is very important. And for that beforehand planning is also very important. Apart from being confident of handling the growing volume of containers are the ports ready to handle mega income when it will happen.

Trade and cargo to India are growing at the fast pace for Indian ports and the question is that will a load of 18,000 TEU and 16 meter plus dry surface adjust the present ones? For now, the answer is no, not even a single port is in such a position. But this does not mean that things are not progressing on the spots.

The port that has positive figures

The Mundra Port and Jawaharlal Nehru Port have the capacities if developed to handle such a volume. Then there is the Vizhinjam Port which is all set to become India’s first Mega Transhipment Container Terminal.

The construction work is still underway. But when it completes it is going to be not only an anchor point in South India, this will also be India’s gateway to International shipment.

The port capacity is said to handle 24000 TEU container ships meaning that it will be able to accommodate the largest mother ships. There is also the Dharma Port with 18-meter depth as that of Vizhinjam but there is no work for the extension being done there for now.

Infrastructure weaknesses playing their role

Everyone is aware of the infrastructure limitations which India faces and it keeps many things at a halt. There are many major Indian ports which can be developed and form major points for container ships but due to lack of coordination things are not clear for their future.

There is less time for loading and unloading of container ships as compared to commercial ships and they want to rest at ports that come along the International Trade Route so the time is not wasted.

The South Indian Port will make things bright for the Industry as it is the nearest to the port and with a large capacity it will be able to entertain international shipments. But a time will come when more will be needed, and things should be worked out by then for Indian ports.

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