New Aspects Unfolded for UK India Trade

United Kingdom manufacturers keen to find their feet in the Indian market

India now trades with the UK with a totally new way and wants a treatment which is based on equal terms. No matter how much criticism I can throw on India but one thing has to be praised for sure that they have conquered the world of trade with utmost dedication and hard work.

The previous and present government has especially put a lot of work in this direction. The UK to India cargo exchange is now done on the bases of respect and dignity and not for gaining advantage due to the other side helplessness. So anyways coming to the topic; yes the UK is the oldest partner with India of trading stuff through air and sea cargo.

cargo to India

cargo to India

But are the plans used before enough for the present day conditions? It is the fastest growing economy right now in the world and getting the opportunity to do business with it will be a great advantage.

UK companies are already working in India but the present MPs say things has to be revised to attract more business from India and remain in the top traders from the country.

Is Brexit going to affect India?

It is going to affect India yes, but in a positive way. When talking about trade with the UK the new direct way to do trade will be of advantage. There would be no barriers and more fruitful agreements could be drawn then.

With an economic lag which will form due to the missing EU trade, India is going to become an important destination for trade then. Also, Cargo to India exchange is high between the countries due to a large number of India residents there.

All this is included in business and profit of the companies working in both countries. With a favourable environment, businesses can flourish and both countries can extract more from each other.

What will be the relation with EU then?

EU is also going to suffer a big space in the trade sector as the UK is a prominent trade member there having a big share of trade. The empty space has to be filled and India could be of advantage.

Air Cargo

Air Cargo

But still, India and the EU could not agree to formulate an FTA till now so the time will tell what will these two compromise on conditions or not. But keeping in consideration the present ranking of India it will not get a negative impact even from EU no matter the Brexit is hard or soft.

UK MPs already demanding Immigration relaxation

Once everyone in the parliament was against this favour before but time changes and with it necessities also. So for now if we say that the MPs in the House are desperate to get India as a trade partner after Brexit with a favourable deal it will not be wrong.

But these contain hazards which they are not seeing and which the previous PM Theresa May tried to uncover. But bygones are bygones still there is time to understand that this step will prove to lower the standard of everything in the UK as well as make the country vulnerable to lose its independent status.

What these politicians are taking as an easy way out can become the worst nightmare for the country.

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