Send a Gift to India without mishaps

Air Cargo Traffic to India has been increasing steadily for many years

Who does not like to send gifts back home, if they can and who does not like to have them? Being far away from loved ones is a big affair and gifts play an important role to remain in touch with them.

But it depends from country to country that what will happen to the thing you are sending. There are many rules to follow according to the country you are going to import, then there are the customs procedures also and knowing all this becomes important.

Sending gifts from UK to India is a common practice as many Indian students and employs work there. First of all, you have to careful of what you are sending so that later on, the problem does not arise.

Second of all pack the cargo in the right way, be intelligent enough to adopt the right method as told by the freight forwarder.

A tracking number is a must

It is an unfortunate incident but parcels and especially gifts do get lost in the course of their journey. Things you can do as your part do matter and reduce the chance of such happenings. One of the most important is to get a tracking number for your item.

A tracking number makes you in charge of where and how your good is travelling and when it will reach the destination. Also, information about any delay can also be obtained in this way.

Insured cargo can be claimed and retrieved or compensated to save yourself from the loss.

Size matters

Usually, it is a small size which creates the problem and get lost easily. So increasing the size of a parcel can be helpful for keeping it intact. You can get a big box and then have it stuffed with packing materials or newspaper or any other paper and place your gift inside.

Big parcels are treated and processed differently and the chance of their loss is very less.

 Complete the paperwork properly

Do check the list of illegal items before deciding to send anything. The items get changed so always consider the updated list every time. The proper and complete paperwork is necessary to get through the customs process successfully.

If there is anything missing it will be your mistake and your money will be wasted. Be very careful especially when you are sending a gift as it is important for both the parties from emotional aspect also.

Your packing method tells a lot

Wrapping is a special process for creating a mesmerizing effect for a gift. But when sending gifts to India, it is a must to wrap it as usual. Any secrecy adopted or attractive paper used may create curiosity.

Not every package is checked at the customs, they clear it after processing through the machines. But those that are unusual in any respect do get attention and hence has to go through the thorough checking process.

And it is where things get lost and even you may not get anything at all remaining in your package.

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