The Disaster of Brexit hitting UK

PM fails the second time in an attempt to convince the MPs for the deal

Tick tok tick tok the clock is running the time margin is lessening and the tension increasing. But this is obvious when things are done at the eleventh hour. PM Theresa May is trying hard to get an agreement on the deal EU is ready to accept.

India and other countries are looking forward to what the results may be as future trade deals between India and UK and cargo to India from the UK and vice versa depends on what type of Brexit is going to happen or will there be a Brexit after all the fuss. The Labour party is very sure of the success of its proposal but in the end, the one who takes the cup wins.

But the opposition is thinking otherwise saying the deal is going to be a threat to the British economy. There have been other suggestions from the PM to go for if no deal is agreed upon. These include delaying the exit, formulate another deal agreed by all, make another referendum happen, leaving without a deal or extend article 50.

The confidence still in place

One thing the PM is sure about is that if this exit disagrees in any way it will be a hard blow to the country not only from the freight trade point of view also the credibility will suffer. Theresa May is still very much focused on what has to be done and what should be done. She is disappointed with the decision the house has taken but she is confident about what she is doing.

From her body language at the speech after the second failure, there have been no positive signs of leaving the notion at any cost. But the problem is that the delaying tactic is striking back. It was a long period of time after the referendum to leave EU but things were not handled properly.

Not a total defeat after all

When the first vote happened in January 2019 the margin with which the deal was rejected was 230 votes. And now when the vote happened it reduced to 149 votes which are a clear decline. This means that the efforts of the government have delivered back something if not everything.

So if seen this way there is still hope for success. Wales first Minister Mark Drakeford criticizes that the deal offered by the PM is dead and that she was unable to listen to other parties in the course of time after two months’ time lapse.

What was the line should be taken from the very start

As there have been many discussions on this the main thing was to make consensus from the very start. It was good thinking that there had been already the referendum and the majority has agreed upon the notion.

But the thing is that there should have been steps towards maintaining that decision. A consensus must have been built from the very start so that what is happening now may not have a chance to appear. These minor things can defeat event the wisest of resolutions.


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