The LCL Cargo or Less than a Container Load Cargo used when Customers do not have a Sufficient Amount of Cargo to fill in

The LCL Cargo to India from the UK – a cost-effective solution for bulk shipping

The LCL cargo or Less than a container load cargo used when customers do not have a sufficient amount of cargo to fill in a full standard container of minimum 20ft size. The LCL cargo becomes an economical solution of sending cargo to India from the UK when they share the space in a container and minimizing the cost.

The LCL cargo services from the UK to India offer great flexibility with schedules of sending cargo, most of the operators do weekly shipments to save the time of the customers while others do bi-weekly and even once in a month.

When a container filled by the cargo of different clients and shipped via sea cargo, it provides a secure, safe and efficient solution to the small businesses to send their goods to India. There are a number of expert cargo operators working in the UK and they offer weekly import and export consolidation services to all the businesses including the domestic users.

Sea Cargo

Sea Cargo

Major cargo operators’ use weekly sailing schedules from different seaports of the country and if you stuck with someone, you can send your cargo on the last day, which means sending same-day cargo. For example, if the container lefts the port on Saturday, you can send your cargo on Friday to be loaded in the container, this way, an immense amount of time would be saved.

The flexibility of delivering goods in India is also available as almost all the major ports of India are being served from the UK, thus the best suitable port can be selected to save even more time.

The shipping line relations and LCL cargo

The cargo operator’s relations with the shipping lines and direct services between many ports are really important to get your cargo reached on time. These relations not only help the operators to keep the times of delivery right but also help them to keep the costs down. The benefit of these relations to the customers is that they receive optimum services and very swift Transit times.

Sea cargo and container shipping

Containerised sea cargo has two major divisions to secure a place inside a container. The LCL cargo means when a customer is sending less than container cargo and sharing a container with a number of customers. And the FCL or full container load cargo when a customer has more than 10 pallets to send, can use a container exclusively.

parcels Cargo to India

parcels Cargo to India

The idea of containerization was first introduced in 1937 by Malcolm McLean and it was the idea that has actually transformed the overall shipping standards across the globe. In today’s world, a number of industries are working just because of these containers and they are an important part of the shipping industry. Such as shipping lines, freight logistics providers, freight forwarders and cranes on the ports.

Few shipping companies offer a number of options in the LCL cargo, e.g. if the shipper has at least half container of cargo, he can move with them otherwise he might need to look at another option. There is no other option but air cargo which is approximately 20 to 30 times more expensive for LCL cargo thus there is no chance of using LCL by air anyway.

LCL Shipping in practical terms

An LCL service is like a bus with only two stops and the destination, one at the port from where it is being loaded and the other is where it is being delivered. The container is a bus and cargo is passengers, as a cargo of multiple shippers. All of them are sharing the space in the bus, similarly all the pallets from different shippers to be shipped in India at the cheapest rates.

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