The UK says Trade is not declining due to Brexit

There are positive signs of a better trade position for the last two years

Well if the above statement is true then the initiative taken by PM Theresa May should be a success in the coming days. Why not then the fellow politicians understand what they are losing when not supporting the bold step.  Foreign direct investment seems to be an attractive deal for many of the trading bodies out there in the world. To make the transition flawless there are pacts that are going to be signed outside Europe.

So as the news flourishing of all the negative aspects of what will happen to the UK after the deal with EU is over, the positive side should also be in the news. International Trade Secretary Liam Fox is very optimistic that with or without an exit deal, the country’s trade side is secured. Britain has in all these long years secured a very trustworthy position in the trade side and this is going to pay off if the hard times come.

India and France becoming top contenders

In the year 2019, there are possibilities of India and France surpassing the trade charts of UK. France and UK already share the positions of one ahead of the other at certain times. But India will be a new addition and an interesting and long-lasting one also. It is also being said to this extent that India’s position will remain permanent.

But the coming times can only determine what is going to happen. India and UK share a long history of sending cargo to India from UK and are also investing in each other’s economy. So it will be interesting to see if the position of countries change then to what direction things goes between them.

Factors that boost trade opportunities

The growing young populations who are always looking out for the new things. The trade demand rises when a shopkeeper or the service providers ask from the foreign country to export them the order. Also as the time has passed India has shown with its deals that it can export value and quality products to the world and not just offer them.

And as the trading position is strengthening more and more confidence is developing inside India that they can dominate the market with their products also. All these factors combine and make a whole which is taking India to great heights in the international trade, if not in any other sector.

Companies departing, but more business is on its way

Despite the fact that some companies have ended doing business in the UK more is coming to the way. When you are a reputable country in terms of international trade then nothing ends forever. Liam Fox has also said in an interview that more investment has attracted towards the country and still more will be on its way when the pacts are signed.

He also says that this investment goes beyond the one which Germany and France can attract on combined basses. The proposal from Poland has also been welcomed by Fox to solve the issue of Ireland border and the hovering backstop matter.

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