Things That Are Not Suitable for International Shipping

A comprehensive list of things that are not recommended for international shipping

The shipping industry has become indispensable for every walk of life. Whether you are relocating, running a business or just need to send a package. You would require to contact the courier services to get things moving. When it comes to international shipping, the requirements and restrictions are a little tougher than what you experience with domestic shipping. There are set rules and everyone is expected to adhere to them religiously. Following, we are going to take a detailed look at what sorts of things are not suitable for shipping for obvious reasons.

Flammable and Toxic Items

Cargo shipping is a lengthy and detailed process that requires the cargo to process through many phases of transport processes. To ensure the safety of the crew members and customs officials from potential danger, it is not allowed to have flammable and toxic items in the cargo. Standard practice is that these goods are taken out of the cargo if found and if found later, you could be looking at a hefty fine. So, avoid packing those things in your luggage.

Small Valuable Items

While it is not an issue when you are dealing with domestic courier services, international shipping is a different ball game. It is not advisable to pack small valuable items such as money, jewelry, watches etc. either those valuables are not covered by the insurance or are hard to claim if it is lost during the process. It is advisable to avoid packing those small valuable items to stay away from an uncomfortable situation.

Edible or Perishable Goods

The process of shipping the courier internationally is lengthy and time-consuming. If you send a perishable item such as food or anything that has the potential to rot and attract undesirable insects and rodents and may spoil the rest of the container as well. If you would like to send those perishable items then you should consider sending them in refrigerated containers that are designed to keep those things safe for many days.

Liquids in Bottles

It may surprise some of you that the liquids that are contained within the bottles including shampoos, perfumes and body sprays are not allowed on international shipping. The reason behind this is that international shipping containers are expertly packed to save every inch of space and there are chances that a tightly packed liquid bottle may spill and contaminate or destroy other items in the container. It is important to make sure that your luggage or cargo does not contain any liquids that have the potential to spill and ruin the rest of the courier.

Green Plants and Vegetation

It may sound pretty harmless to send plants or vegetation to another country. However, various countries have very strict regulations regarding the above-mentioned items to protect their country from any sort of contamination or disease. It is advisable that you thoroughly read and learn about the rules and regulations of the country of destination before sending those items there.

Firearms and Ammunition

This is a no-brainer. Most countries have imposed an embargo on firearms and ammunition anyway and some have very strict rules about the entrance of such cargo into their country. Most countries require you to have licenses and some items are simply banned from entry. You are better off inquiring from the relevant department or customs about the rules regarding firearms and ammunition.

Critical Documentation

We all send documents abroad that are considered to be valuable and important. However, it is not recommended to ship those papers as international cargo. Your documents might be of great importance to you but it is almost impossible for the international shipping company to keep track of the small package that contains the documentation all the time. The best way is to find a specialist courier service that provides specific services for sending documents internationally. Those companies provide comprehensive insurance coverage and ensure safe transactions.

Above are the main categories of goods that are not suitable to be sent for international shipping. We strongly advise you to plan when sending a courier to India from the UK and study the laws and rules of the local customs department before sending anything. If you contact an experienced and trusted freight company such as [Website], they can help you by explaining those rules and let you know if there is a way out of this problem. We provide door-to-door pickup and delivery, international shipping estimates, information about customs rules and regulations for the country where you are shipping, cargo tracking during shipment and an extensive network that covers the entirety of India. We are based in London but have warehouses and outlets located all over the United Kingdom. You can either book our services online or call our friendly and professional staff who are always willing to help. We look forward to your custom.