UK and EU Talks Reaching Critical Times And Its Effects On Trading Relation With India

It is time to make things clear and decide on the future of this relation

The final round of talks is approaching and this one is going to decide what will happen in December, the deadline on which things are to be decided about future trade between EU and UK. The blame game is also on but there are serious efforts also to get favorable results.

There is a high level conference coming in June which will assess what is the progress and also predict what is going to happen in trade relations ahead by both sea and Air Cargo. The key for now is to save both the sides from a no advantage stage which will give a blow to UK economy as its new status.

For now Britain is keeping its sovereignty high and that is the priority. But the other party is saving its own side only. EU says UK is only thinking about what suits them and not about the mutual favor. But that is very natural as after a long time the independent status has been achieved by the country and they are striving to make the state permanent.

Parallelism a needed condition

EU and UK both are willing to talk and an agreement. But what EU demand is that they want the progress in all directions. The matters that are important for EU should also be talked about and there must be agreements on those. Rejecting an idea totally because the independence of Britain suffers is not what EU likes.

EU asks for equal fishing rights like India and level playing field which UK does not like. Which surely doesn’t affect the trading relation or Cargo To India From UK at all. On this point both the parties are facing rejection from one another and it is prolonging the process. So in no way things are going to move forward until unless there is some leniency from both the sides.

Is a change in mandate possible?

Most of the member states have agreed to the mandate EU is currently negotiating with UK. But the British side wants it changed. European Union’s stance is that as the bloc has already agreed on it and also there is less time remaining how a new one be passed and worked on.

What UK wants is its own rules but it also want to have trade with EU the same way as before. These two things are not working well together. Also the states do not want to change the mandate at this point so it will be difficult to move the group.

Common controls and rules

This is what EU talks about which UK does not want to practice. Now this is a fair deal as UK has done the Brexit affair to be independent for rules and laws. If the same condition remains between these two then what is the point of all this. But EU wants this commitment from the country and UK does not want to give it stressing on the importance of independence of the country.

Both the sides are actually making everything clear so that there are no issues afterwards.  The stress is on a Canadian style free trade agreement but if not granted WTO rules and regulations for international trade will be followed.

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