UK Getting All around the Table to Agree

A soft Brexit is the plan of Prime Minister Theresa May but is it of all the cabinet members???

People are getting tired of hearing about Brexit and all related to it. The absence of any consent or making serious efforts by the Prime Minister is making the people in general and in cabinet sick and tired of all the mater.

There are pro-Brexit in the cabinet and the ones who are not in favour and want to remain with EU. For now, after a long 12-hour meeting it was announced by the Prime Minister that there has been consent of all the members on future deals of Britain with EU.

The main point is that there will be a free trade of goods in the bloc but for Sea cargo services to India, the deal will be off. And it is the later where UK Economy gains its power from. But on the other hand, an assessment is asked to check if this will really be of a practical nature or not.

Also, there have been EU warnings for not letting the UK picks the deals that are fruitful and assume that they can do as they wish to.

What is happening with India?

In the case of India, there are very positive things going on and one of them the former Deputy High Commissioner describes. It is that the UK is looking forward to making the trade relations even stronger after Brexit.

As when the exit will happen there will be no third route through which everything is going to happen. It will be just India and the UK and there will be more opportunities and better agreements to reach.

But on the other hand, there are strict rules for student entry or any immigration made on bogus reasons or institutes are being employed. The Prime Minister May, these are the false institutes where the students get admission and then make themselves permanent which is being discouraged.

What is the stance between the groups?

There are a pro-Brexit group and a pro-EU group which differ on the policies which will follow Brexit. The former says that there should be a total withdrawal and no old policies are followed, while the later one asks for keeping the tariff-free deal for trade with EU.

For EU it wants the free movement of EU citizens in the UK but Britain is firm on ending the free movement and any jurisdiction of EU top court in any of British Affairs. Just nine months till the big ending, EU is sending deadline notices for sealing a deal. So, for now, what will happen afterwards is still uncertain.

Many plans still underway for strong strategies

To achieve an agreement with EU there are certain points which are being discussed. One of them is that there will be the same rules for goods and agricultural products.

The rules of employment and environment laws will be strictly followed to eradicate any fear of leaving them behind for new deals. A single market concept will not be there for UK and EU meaning they will have very less access to each other’s trading markets.

But still, there has to be a deal with EU to confirm all this and many more maters.

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