When can you expect to have your parcel delivered?

The right time to lose patience when your cargo does not reach from the UK to India

To send something back home feels very right and pleasing. People want to have their parcel or a bunch of goods delivered as soon as possible. There are companies that do it for you and work hard to get the cargo to its rightful owner at the time.

Nature also becomes an imperative factor in this work. Do not hassle to go for complaints and worry the staffs who are doing everything to protect your valuables and have them transported with great care.

Before leaving the cargo office, enquire some very important questions which can help you calm down when there is a delay. In case you have chosen a well-known and reliable company for the work be contended that there will be no loss in your court and a delay can happen.

The most important thing is to choose the right company. If you are after saving money and handing over your goods to an unknown service then it is your mistake and the consequences are also yours.

Sea freight takes more time

Sea cargo is the oldest way of availing this service. It is also considered as reliable and safe for the big orders especially. But it takes more time to reach the destination. In the older times, the time extended to fortnights and even a month.

But now as many things have advanced so is this industry. The ships now come with improved speeds and the routes are shortened which has reduced the time to a much less scale. From the UK to India it takes minimum 20 days and the time can extend according to the port it is going to reach in India.

The time is not of travelling alone, procedures that follow when a good reach a port and sorted out after customs clearance takes much time.

Air cargo time

So what about air freight? The myth that travelling through air is not safe or loss of things is more expected in this medium is wrong. The air cargo industry has become advanced through the time and it is being preferred by many now a day.

The time it takes to reach the consignee is far less than the ocean time and there are containers specified according to the need of a certain item to keep it secured and as it should be. It takes half the time or even less to deliver goods from the UK to India.

What goods to send from where

Perishables are often preferred to send from air cargo as it takes less time and the condition of things remain as they were loaded. Then any express delivery with urgent delivery having important documents or lifesaving drugs is also sent from this medium.

Other things have the choice of both as both are fit for them. But the shipping method takes less of your money while air cargo can become expensive especially in peak seasons. While tariffs also rise in the ocean freight but they still remain affordable.

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