Current political situation of UK effects trading relations internationally

You want a general election ok take it but after things are resolved

Sometimes people act so abnormally that one is startled at their thinking process. Anyhow, whatever it is one should respect how others think. A new PM but with the same defeat, the previous one faced.

So is he also going to be kicked out or will Boris Johnson survive this time? Another time the opposition has said no to the deal and also disagreed on a no-deal exit. This effects the trading relations of the UK with almost all countries especially big markets and give a hard time to trade and send cargo to India from the UK. The emergency debate on Brexit has been called upon and Speaker has approved it. This will last for three hours.

The British people must be waiting impatiently to get some positive news after it. But the chances are very low. Theresa May tried to put forward as many logics as possible still the stubbornness did not break. It will be interesting to see what Boris Johnson will do to convince the Parliament.

Another suggestion from the opposition

Another talk which has gained approval is also connected to the rejection of no-deal exit. The opposition wants the government to extend the time of Brexit even further.

The suggestion may be right or it may be wrong. But the matter is beyond just parliamentary debates. People are waiting for a final decision and they want to settle down according to what is decided.

The members of parliament, however, have a rigid stance on which they have refused to back up. Either the PM agrees on not exiting without a deal or gets the majority for the general elections.

In a way the disagreement is valid

Valid or not this has been a failure to the party who started the campaign and the one who carried it forward. There was a weak strategy from the very start which led to such a disaster. The deal which was to facilitate the common man has become the worst-case for him to fight for.

The present UK government which came to power on this agenda has for now failed to a large extent. So the way the entire situation has been mishandled one thing is reacting and that is opposition anger.

But for now, what is most important is the well-being of that common man which was there at the start. So both sides should show some flexibility.

The PM is going to give a tough fight

However, with all the disagreement going on the PM is not ready to accept defeat. What he says is also right that surrendering is not the way to solve things. The path on which the country is going is eventually going to lead to positive outcomes.

cargo to India

cargo to India

He is not in favour of getting an extension whatever he has to do he will do. Because if they surrender now this means that there will never be an end to this. UK is going to be under EU restrictions for Cargo services and almost forever which no one wants.

But what everyone does want is a stable condition which can only be provided with careful future planning and support of countrymen as well as the government personals.

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