Extension Granted but How the Deadlock Ends

The UK in another uncertain condition, will there be a way out

The reason for not having a proper withdrawal deal is what raising the present situation. The Conservative party which started the Brexit concept and help referendum has now become uncertain of the whole scenario and not supporting the cause the leading party is facing problems.

On the other hand, the Labour Party has many in it who oppose the Brexit and negotiating with them any mid-way is a goal to achieve. The extension granted by the EU till 31st of October is crucial. Either Britain has to grab a deal before that period or if an agreement is achieved before the date then the exit will happen immediately.

The second way is to cancel Brexit, the third way is to have the referendum again and the last one is to have a no deal hard Brexit. And if above all this the PM resigns then the present government will become exempt from all this mess.

cargo to India

cargo to India

But with a cost of bad fame of course. So the time period has extended and again the world has to wait in what way the trade situation will settle for the UK.

What is happening on the trade side?

There are uncertainties as always at the trade side of air and sea cargo. The traders are waiting for the situation to get settled at some time. But the time has still not come.

There has been up to 9 continuity agreements the UK government has agreed upon with the trading countries. These are to make the economy stable and make the trade move at a steady pace while the transition takes place. With no deal, there will be sudden chaos in the sector.

In one way what the PM is suggesting makes sense as the country will get time to make rules for itself in the time period before taking total control.

Why countries are reluctant to sign agreements

The motive behind is simple. The uncertainties are still there and no one knows what it will be like to face a real Brexit. Some also say that there will never be a Brexit and the extensions will remain as they are now.

international cargo business

international cargo business

Countries like India who also share relation with UK and EU at the same time are not sure of what to do. They might take a step when the time will come but still, the decision will be difficult as to whom to favour and whom to have against them.

Participating in the EU elections

The upcoming EU elections are also crucial to taking place on 23rd May. UK is still a part of the EU community and if it does not take part in the elections then there will be a no deal exit on 1st June without a doubt.

On the other hand, if there is participation then things get flexible. The exit will then happen on 31st October. The possibility of a nod deal Brexit is at a higher possibility for now as the majority in Parliament has voted for it already.

PM Theresa May has taken a strict action for the agreed deal with EU saying that it will not change. It all depends on how the leading party deals with the opposing MPs.

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