In Many Ways, India and UK are Important for Each Other

By leaving EU Britain will have to face tougher rules of trade

Start looking at the old days of East India Company and then the present times. How much have changed and how many positions exchanged. Indians are witty but in a positive way.

They are beneficial to their country and the right leadership has taken them to new heights in trade. The new scenario has certainly changed the outlook of India to the world for the trade side especially.

UK businesses running in India play an important role, especially in the construction and other services areas. But then there is France who is equally important in doing trade with India. With Brexit story going on things are a little messed up at UK’s side.

India and the UK now stand at competitive levels and there is no stopping this rising economy. There have been improvements and PM Modi has done the right job for this side. There are now new technologies for the import and export goods spreading throughout the country.

Still, the UK has its share in India’s success story and development and same is the case when we talk about the UK economy. Both these economies have benefited each other in different areas and it is apparent.

Resourceful India

The UK is a developed country then why to look in India for opportunities? To make it right first of all India is full of resources. The middle class is growing fast meaning that the consumer is growing fast. This means opportunities are increasing at a good rate.

parcels Cargo to India

parcels Cargo to India

The UK invests in the infrastructure and other services more than in any other area. Machinery, beverages, scientific instruments, appliances and chemical materials and products are other main areas of export of UK to India cargo. Although there are difficulties in setting up a new business in India still countries approach this land.

A good outsourcing country

What India has done is to grab every opportunity to excel in this sector. Outsourcing is one of them and the work is outsourced to Indian companies. There are businesses in India where the UK outsource its services and have the work done at low cost. People in India are efficient and educated for the work.

So getting more work at a lesser price is always good. But this process is not as it used to be. Obviously, India is now rising rapidly to secure a good position in international trade then why asking for work why not going in the country and become a major part of their economy also.

The vice versa situation

The UK is important but then India is also for the UK. There is no denying that there are big companies working in the UK like Tata Group which has recently bought Jaguar Land Rover.

Besides this there are more than 800 companies operating in the UK then it will be right to say that there is a major economic contribution over here also. There is a tough competition Indian product now give to UK businesses so there has to be different to attract the attention of Indian citizens.

Until unless you are label conscious there is nothing which Indian products cannot give. Some factors straightened and there can be more success ahead.

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