India and UK trade Prospects

A hard country to accomplish agreements with, but Britain is Positive

Although there is a strong trade tie between the two countries still when it comes to independent thoughts then differences arise. On one side is the UK struggling hard to reach an agreement with its one of the important trade destination and then there is India trying to get the ‘right’ thing out of this whole scenario.

This is the age of grabbing any opportunity that can go in your favor but to surpass any limit is not the right thing. India was once an occupied nation but now it is self-sufficient in many of its areas. Whatever has to be done it should be on equal bases and this is where Cargo to India trade deal is getting delayed.

There is no rush from any side to reach a final point as a right deal is a task, not the one that can harm any side. Once UK exits EU the situation will clear out before it everything is a supposition. For now, India is being a little stubborn but the UK is very optimistic for a deal which is acceptable for both the sides.

India demanding relieve in visas

As for India, the demands are not right till now as the UK sees it as already there is a good quota for Indian citizen’s immigration. Especially the government wants the unrestricted movement of students for study and work between the two countries. Sending books to India was never too easy as it is now with AtoZ India Courier. As a developing country, you do need assurance for the work side of growing population and need assistance.

But for the sake of decency to pressurize the other side is not a good idea. To get independent is another thing and to become mature as a nation is another. You should be able to produce proper work conditions and openings for the working class and not rely on the foreign aid solely.

Britain’s stance

There is no way the Parliament or the common man in the UK is in favor of the aforesaid proposition. To keep the independence of its land and people, it is not a reasonable thing to ask for.

There is already a big quota for the Indians with respect to visas and there are no more things that can be done in this respect. Britain is, however, offering a very good compensation of staying for the students in the country after two years of completing their degrees and has the required exposure and working experience.

But the return is essential. The goal of UK is to support India and other developing countries so that they can have enough resources for development. And it is doing well, but there is the limit to everything and so is the case in this situation.

Present Situation is very encouraging

India govt. and The UK govt. are very clear on one thing, to decide on what is good for both.

A hurried decision is not preferable instead the right one is getting praise. So, to wait for the time can bring promising outcomes instead of pressing on any undue offer.

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