India’s no deal with the EU might give the UK a better chance

Trade is a difficult sector when it comes to choosing on other

India has an opportunity one way or another in the Brexit situation. If everything went well and the situation remains calm then India can be with both the blocs. And if there is a hard Brexit then also India can choose one of them.

Despite the choice may be hard but still, there is not going to be a total loss. But when it comes to UK things are difficult here. It has to secure a deal with India as it is a fast-growing economy and there are chances of even more success.

The good news for the UK is that India and the EU are not getting a deal signed. So the opportunity rises for the UK here to get an FTA with India to get the most out of it. Things are not easy of course for this part also.

But here compromise is much easier than that between India and the EU. So which way will India go will be an interesting thing to watch in the future. For one side there is an opportunity to get connected to many more countries which is more favourable.

Then there is one country which is an old trade partner and has benefited India in many different ways.

EU is the largest trade partner

EU is the largest trade partner of India through sea and air cargo and there is a large amount of trade going on in between these two. The problem is that India wants the tariff cut which is not possible without being a part of that community and an FTA. If a deal becomes applicable there will be much more advantages which India could get from the bloc.

Air cargo

Air cargo

But there is always a problem when the talks start to deciding one. There was a talk session end back in 2013 and it started again in 2018. Still, things are not clear and there is no direction things are going. Even at the initial session, the talks stalled due to a lack of understanding between the two.

Student Visa a difficult obligation

India’s condition of giving its students much easier access to the UK for studying and afterwards for getting a job there has made the UK think that it is too much. The UK is already crowded with Indians.

A well-spread word over there is that there are more Indians in the UK than UK citizens themselves. The UK has started relying on foreign manpower which is not good. But on another hand, the UK needs to secure a deal with India due to many different reasons.

A soft Brexit will make it easier for India to get a deal through as there will be fewer difficulties on the course than when there is a hard one.

The UK wants stability and India could give it

Concerning the present situation going on inside the UK due to Brexit, it needs a strong partner to overcome the losses. There are talks with other countries but the pace at which India is progressing in the trade sector it becomes an important destination for a deal. In case of a hard Brexit, this deal gains even more importance and the UK will try hard to take it.

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