UK PM Fighting Hard to get back Brexit on Track

Unexpected situations lead to many uncertain positive surprises

Whatever anyone has to say about this whole Brexit affair there is no denying the courage Theresa May is showing. She is a true fighter who wants to have her goal achieved no matter how she does it. The parliament did not agree to the way PM wants the exit to happen. The temporary deal is not supported by the majority of the parliamentarians and some other way is needed to get Brexit back on track. The only problem is that the temporary deal settled by Theresa May is not getting much acceptance as was anticipated. But there are those who are ready to support May’s Brexit and make it happen. So, for now, things are in their middle way going toward the decisive moment. There is going to be the vote of confidence held and if May survives it then there has to be another plan given to the parliament so that she may get the majority to support her stance.

The uncertain future

From the day Brexit movement started till now things are still unclear. It is a great moment for the UK to gain an independent state in trade and air & sea cargo services with the world and especially countries like India. But it has been miscalculated to a great extent. This miscalculation has led the government to such an extent that turning back or easing the negativity is becoming impossible. People in the parliament are ready to tolerate a no deal Brexit rather than the one in which Britain is still under the control of EU for its trade until unless it comes up with its own paperwork.

Sea Cargo

Sea Cargo

Not only have the countrymen had to agree

Another twist is that plan B should be the one which both the sides agree to. There is not only one obligation but two. EU should also agree to the plan May is going to offer if she succeeds in the first stage. As it is not necessary that everyone agrees within the country but it has to be agreed upon by EU so that it can work. To make things work the PM might have to bend a little to the demands of opposition but there has to be the sacrifice of many things which May think are imperative after Brexit. First, it is the Ireland border backstop and then the EU rules being still implemented for the time being.

What if there is no Brexit

Well, first of all, it will be a big failure of the ruling party and secondly, the country will be put in chaos. The government might also fall due to all this matter. So it is not just a referendum now, there are many other issues related to it and the situation is complicated. Even the smallest number of party members is important in finding a middle way and leaving anyone behind will have an effect. So first the vote of confidence is the most important for the PM UK to pass and then pay attention towards a new plan agreeable within the country and EU.

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