Why all the negativities, why no certainty

UK and EU deal still not getting to a finalizing condition

Yes, there is less time left, yes there are struggles going on to have a deal with EU from the UK. But no one knows what the exact situation is. And all this is what makes all the pessimistic things come forward in the media and even within the government blocs.

And every day what we see is more uncertainty. But why all this is happening? Well, a very obvious reason is being that the authorities are not taking anyone in confidence to deliver the exact situation. Let’s leave all this for a minute and see what is happening on the broader spectrum. It is all happening to gain an independent state of trade by sea and air freight globally right?

But the sectors involved in all the affairs regarding trade and cargo exchange are getting affected due to the miss-leading and manipulated facts being depicted. Even beforehand steps are asked to be taken if there is the slightest hint of a no deal Brexit.

Roads getting blocked, will it not be havoc?

Imagine you are not allowed to travel in peace by road between cities, or there is a medical aid needed and it cannot reach you on time due to blocked roads. There can be enormous examples to quote to go down the level of a common man and then inspect what will be the outcomes.

One assumption is that if an altogether new road plan has to be formulated and implemented it will take time, at least two weeks or this can be more. Till then what will the transporters do and when they will be able to unload.

These trailers have to occupy the road meant to be for the light vehicles and it will disturb the travelling to a great extent and the outcomes will be stressing.

Banning the airlines, will it work?

Now, we all are thinking that all the negative things will be pressed upon Britain but this is not the whole truth. In fact, EU is also going to suffer at some points and so will be the trade.

There are some 37 airlines which can be banned if there is a hard Brexit. To formulate everything from the start and on time will make things at both ends out of control. So not only the British government, EU states and the authority itself should think of a better solution to all this.

Being rigid is good in some issues, but being rigid inappropriately is not in favour of any party, whether it be the trade or any other deal. Restricting routes will affect EU trade countries as well of not letting non-EU countries entering the territories.

Why not a compromise

The main problem is arising due to EU not getting contended on UK security standards or do not find it according to the set standards of EU.

But if this is really the problem talking over a table can solve them to provide the exact guideline of what it should be like so that no route will be restricted and the things will keep on going the way they are now but of course with some added limitations as after all UK is getting out of the community and it has to give up some advantages at the end.

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